A project by Sean Carpio and Mark Garry.

Musicians:Robert Stillman, Robin Finkner and Nigel Towse. 

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Drift is a recording project commissioned by Irelands Music Network. The music on the record evolved from a performance also entitled Drift  which took place in a natural amphitheater called “Horseshoe Bay” on Sherkin Island located of the coast of West Cork.

This once off performance took place in and around the bay. The audience arrived on two passenger ferries and moored next to a traditional Irish wooden sail boat which bore an Aeolian harp (a harp played by the wind). On land a brass quartet performed a series of short musical pieces based on Sumerian Hymns which were controlled by a form of improvised conducting. The third and last element was an improvising saxophonist who responded to the sonic relationship between the brass quartet and the wind harp.

For this recording, we wanted to create a situation that integrated certain conceptual and sonic elements from the Drift performance and to then process the material through more protracted methods. The recordings were made with two saxophonists (Robert Stillman and Robin Fincker) and an accordionist (Nigel Towse) and three Aeolian harps in a small forest in Dublin’s Phoenix Park. The music was improvised in short takes with little guidance and subsequently edited by Mark and arranged by Sean.

Drift was released as a limited edition 10” record designed by Conor and David, which has a hand screen printed linen wrapping by Mark and Sean. which is available to purchase


A Generous Act

A collaboration with music.

Hosted by The Mattress Factory Art Museum , Pittsburgh PA.


Participants include: Karl Burke, Daniel Bracken , James Broder, Slim Cessna, Sean Carpio, Eileen Carpio , Lucinda Chua, Nathan Hall, Nina Hynes, Jeffrey Inscho, Simon Jermyn, Fabien Leseure, Benoit Leseure and Karla Stauffer .


This innovative project brought together a remarkably talented group of musicians from varied geographical positions and a broad range of musical genres and interests, many of whom had never met or played with each other to collaborate over a period of 16 days. During the first half of July 2010 the Mattress Factory converted the 4th floor of the museum into a practice area and fully functioning recording studio. The residency culminated in a performance of the music the collaborators have generated during this period of time and ahd a digital release.

This Project was curated by Mark Garry. 



Sending Letters to the Sea

 Karl Burke, Mark Garry,Nina Hynes, Sean Carpio, Eileen Carpio and Fabien Leseure.

Recorded and produced by Fabien Leseure. String and choral arrangements by Fabien Leseure

Sending Letters to the Sea is a collaborative music project initiated by visual artist and musician Mark Garry. Commissioned by Fingal Arts office, the output of the commission includes an LP that was released in 2009 on Vinyl, CD and Digital formats. 

When selected for this commission I tried to find a mechanism that would both engage in a local context but have the scope to reach a diverse social and geographical audience.Stemming from interests in music, musicology, Ireland's culturally Christian status and the broader cultural impact of Christianity. I engaged in a period of research, looking at the relationship between music and religious celebration from both technical and philosophical perspectives, specifically looking at the manner in which the development of modern music was effected by specific structural shifts or instances within the history of religion.Centred on a general question about faith as an entity and music as a cultural expression of faith.

This process evolved to become a collaborative music project that incorporated elements of this research in a variety of subtle and more overt ways. I brought together a range of musicians working in a broad range of classical and contemporary genres who generated a range of musical responses to the research.  The outcomes from this project were recorded in a variety of settings including St Columbas Church in Swords and we worked with a string section and choir from the Fingal area.